Bruges 2016 Conference:18-20 August 2016

We are now accepting proposals for panels and individual presentations. Use the link at left to submit your proposal. Submission deadline is 15 February 2016.

Roundtable Propsals

Roundtable proposals are welcome from affiliated societies of the SCSC. Please use the "Submit a Roundtable" link at left.

Panel Proposals

The SCSC will again be accepting complete panels in the following formats. When submitting use the drop down menu to select the panel type you are submitting.

  • • Traditional Panels: 3 presenters and a chair
  • • Workshop Option A: Discussion of pre-circulated papers in a workshop format (limit of 4 participants).
  • • Workshop Option B: Analysis of thorny translation/paleography questions; pre-circulation not required (limit of 3 participants).
  • • Workshop Option C: Examination of a big issue or question with brief comments from presenters and lively audience participation (similar to roundtables with more audience participation; limit of 4 participants)

Workshops and traditional panel proposals must be submitted using the "Submit a Panel" link at left.

Individual Paper Proposal

Individual paper proposal submissions are accepted and encouraged in the following formats:

  • • Traditional 20-minute paper presentations
  • • Poster presentations. N.B. Poster presenters must email to obtain a submission code before submitting the proposal.

The 2016 Conference will take place at Provinciaal Hof, the Crowne Plaza, and the Martins Hotel. Room reservations and travel information will be posted after the 1 January 2016.

The SCSC, a not-for-profit scholarly organization, receives no governmental or institutional funding. In order to participate in this conference, delegates or their sponsoring institution/organization will need to fund their own travel and lodging expenses in addition to a $195 per delegate registration fee or $100 student fee ($205 and $110 respectively after 1 June 2016). The registration fee is used to pay for conference facilities and general events. By paying the fee, delegates become members in the SCSC and receive the Sixteenth Century Journal.

Please visit our submission guidelines page for information on presentation and panel proposal expectations.

The vast majority of proposals come to us as complete panels or individual paper submissions. Some panel organizers are seeking a paper proposal or two to round out their panel submission. If you are interested in browsing these feel free to visit our panel finder page. Please note that the panels listed on the panel finder webpage have NOT been accepted yet for inclusion in the program.

Future conferences:

  • 18-20 August 2016: Bruges, Belgium
  • 26-29 October 2017: Milwaukee, Wisconsin