About the SCSC

The Sixteenth Century Society and Conference (SCSC) promotes scholarship on the early modern era, broadly defined (ca. 1450 – ca. 1660). Providing opportunities for intellectual exchange among scholars of the period, the Society also actively encourages the integration of younger colleagues into the academic community. The geographical scope of the organization is as international as its membership. The SCSC welcomes scholars from all disciplines in early modern studies including history, art history, religion, history of science, musicology, digital humanities, Ottoman studies, and literary and cultural studies in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. The Society holds one annual meeting in a different city each year, usually during the month of October, with an average of more than 800 participants.

The 2016 conference is now underway in Bruges, Belgium. The conference is being held at the Provinciaal Hof, the Crowne Plaza, the NH Hotel, Martins Hotel Brugge, and the Hotel de Medici.
The SCSC General Plenary Lecture is scheduled for 6:00pm Friday 19 August in the Stadshallen (Belfry). It is limited to 500 attendees (first come, first seated). Local regulations will require us to close the doors once we reach our capacity limit. The lecture will be followed by a reception at 7:00pm (also limited to 500 people).
An additional reception, sponsored by the Center for Renaissance and Early Modern Studies (University of York), also at 7:00pm in the Crowne Plaza Hotel -- Salon Room.

You can download the final program now. Click Here for a PDF of the final program

We have created a map that shows the Bruges conference venues where events and sessions will be held (not individual hotels where meetings won't be held). You can access the map by Clicking Here.

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Future conferences:

  • 18-20 August 2016: Bruges, Belgium
  • 26-29 October 2017: Milwaukee, Wisconsin